Here We Come! | Egypt and Jordan | 2024

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The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Egypt is in two seasons: spring (Feb-Apr) and autumn (Oct-Nov) when the temperatures average 77-86°F. March and April are especially nice.

Top 20 Travel Tips

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Luxor, Egypt


March is the time to take a hike, especially in northern Jordan where wildflowers – including the gorgeous black iris — are blooming. Book early because the high season is starting. April is perfect for exploring. 

The magic of springtime continues, and April is peak weather for hiking and exploring historical sites. 

Things are starting to warm up in May, so plan to relax at the beach before the true heat of summer hits. 

October is great for getting outdoors. Much like springtime, fall is ideal for stepping out to enjoy the top things to do in Jordan, including its natural beauty, beaches, hikes, and historical sites. Expect higher prices and crowds.