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Travel advisors have the knowledge and connections to know which hotels, resorts and tour guides would work best for you and to enhance your trip with one-of-a-kind experiences, tailored to your interests, that you’d never find on your own.

They’ll also be there to smooth out problems that might occur along the way. Plus, they often have access to special fares, discounts and perks, such as complimentary upgraded room or cabin categories, free breakfasts and VIP treatment.

Please contact me for your travel needs. I can help plan and book your next unforgettable trip! If you are ready to travel, complete this brief questionnaire and I will start gathering information for your trip. You can even use my Travel APP for your requests.

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Amalfi, Italy


Casa Chierchia Youtube Channel contains converted 8 mm films of Amalfi, Felitto, Rome and other cities and villages in Italy.

Bella Italia!

Our page has information on travel in Italy and links to old films of la Famiglia in Italia.  The recommendations are based on my visits to Italy and the hospitality I was shown by the proprietors. Many of them are my cousins, so remember to say Vincenzo from Cincinnati said “Ciao” when you visit!

I recommend flying into Rome and departing from Naples, or flying into Naples and departing from Rome.  This maximizes your vacation time to enjoy the sites and relax.  If this isn’t feasible, no worries, you can still have the “best vacation ever” as described by sister who I brought to Italy with her family in April of 2018.  Her only concern remains, “when are we going back?”

Depending on the length of your vacation, there are other options such as flying in to Veneto and visiting Venice, then taking a sleeper train to Salerno and the Amalfi Coast.  

And if you enjoy cruising, now is the time to book. Travel from city to city while you sleep and enjoy the sights during the day and dinner, drinks and entertainment each night. All without packing and checking in at multiple hotels, and at a reasonable price!

Check out my Amalfi page for photos and information on visiting the Coast of Amalfi.

Check out my Felitto page for photos and information on visiting Felitto, Italy, the gateway to Cilento National Park.

Check out my Mexico page for a relaxing vacation in Mexico.
Friends and family are also invited to accompany us to Riviera Maya, Mexico on our annual trips.  You can enjoy our Privilege level benefits at Bahia Principe Resorts. 

And don’t forget Anna Maria Island.  A beautifully appointed, perfectly located condo is available for rent. 


When visiting Anna Maria Island, Florida, the place to watch the sunset is the rooftop bar of Moose Lodge 2188. The lodge is on the beach, check out the live camera feed.  Application can be made online or I can email you an application form, however you need to be sponsored to join the Lodge.  Please contact me for my sponsor info.   Your membership in the Anna Marie Island lodge is valid internationally at any and all Moose Lodges.