ATMs and Credit Cards in Italy

Currency Exchange

Foreign currency exchange is the act of exchanging one type of currency for another. For example, if you’re planning an international trip to Europe, you may want to plan ahead and exchange U.S. dollars for Euros so that you are prepared to cover cash expenses as soon as you arrive without having to stop at an exchange office at your destination. Two hundred euros should get you through until you get to an ATM.

Making ATM Withdrawals – USE A BANK ATM!

The best way to get cash in Italy is to make an ATM withdrawal when you arrive. The Visa or Mastercard exchange rate applies and is better than any rate you’re likely to get exchanging currency at an exchange office or a bank.

Italian bank ATMs are called bancomats and some don’t charge a local ATM operator fee — but avoid using independent ATMs. These third-party ATMs charge like a wounded bull, and it’ll be obvious which ATMs are affiliated with a bank and which aren’t.

Cash and Currency Tips for Europe by Rick Steves

Foreign Currency Exchange Services (

How long does it take to receive foreign currency bank notes that are ordered at a PNC branch?

Standard foreign currency orders entered before 4:30 p.m. ET will be delivered to the branch by the end of the next business day. (during business travel season please allow 1 – 2 additional business days)

Customers may request overnight delivery for a $15 charge. Overnight delivery foreign currency orders entered before 4:30 p.m. ET will be delivered to the branch by noon the next business day. Overnight delivery is only available Monday through Friday and isn’t available on bank holidays.

Foreign Currency Exchange | Fifth Third Bank (

Fifth Third customers can buy and sell foreign currency at their local branch with competitive exchange rates. And when you return from your trip, Fifth Third can buy back any unused foreign currency, exchanging it back into U.S. dollars.  Contact your local branch if you have questions about a particular currency carried.

Some of the Major Banks in Italy

  1. BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro): BNL is one of Italy’s most established banks, offering a range of services specifically tailored for foreigners. With a rich history in Italy, they seamlessly blend traditional banking practices with modern conveniences to ensure a smooth experience for non-residents.
  2. Banca UniCredit: A cornerstone of the Italian financial sector, Banca UniCredit is a top choice for many foreigners seeking comprehensive banking services. Their extensive network and commitment to customer service create a welcoming environment for non-residents. Additionally, their user-friendly online platform caters to international clients.
  3. Banco di Napoli: One of the most important and oldest historic banks. Its origins date back to the so-called public benches of charitable institutions, which arose in Naples between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Specifically, it traces its roots to a mount of piety founded in 1539. This institution provided loans without interest, and in 1584, it expanded to include accepting deposits.
  4. Deutsch Bank: The Italian subsidiary of the global financial provider Deutsche Bank. Its origins trace back to 1986 when Deutsche Bank acquired over 98% of the voting rights of Banca d’America e d’Italia. In 1994, Banca d’America e d’Italia was officially renamed Deutsche Bank SpA. During the same year, the bank also acquired Banca Popolare di Lecco, further solidifying its presence in the Italian financial landscape.
  5. ING: As a globally recognized bank, ING has made its mark in Italy by prioritizing customer-centric solutions. They cater to the needs of foreigners through digital banking services and English-speaking customer support.
  6. Intesa Sanpaolo: With a substantial international presence, Intesa Sanpaolo is one of Italy’s largest banking groups. They provide a variety of services in English, including online banking options.
  7. Poste Italiane: Beyond being a postal service, Poste Italiane also offers banking solutions through its financial arm, BancoPosta. With widespread accessibility throughout the country, it’s a convenient choice for foreigners. Known for simplicity and efficiency, Poste Italiane provides banking products, insurance, and even mobile telephony services.
  8. Wise (formerly TransferWise): While not a traditional bank, Wise is recognized for its transparent exchange rates and enables quick, cost-effective international money transfers.

List of BNP Paribas BNL D’Italia Branches and ATM’s: