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Ohio ID Cards for Kids


There is no minimum age for an Ohio ID card. You may apply for an Ohio ID card for your child at any deputy registrar location.

  • Ohio ID cards are used for identification purposes only.
  • Ohio photo ID cards for children may assist police if a child is reported missing.

What do I need bring?

You must provide proof of your child’s:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (if ever assigned)
  • Legal presence
  • Ohio residency

Any child under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with an Ohio driver license or ID card. If the parent or guardian does not have an Ohio driver license or ID card, then they must also provide proof of:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (if assigned)
  • Legal presence
  • Ohio residency

Go to our Acceptable Documents page for a full list of identity documents and links to use our interactive process to assist you with what to bring to a deputy registrar agency.

How much does an Ohio ID cost?


Don’t forget to include a listing for your child’s Next of Kin in connection with his or her state ID. It will help police get in touch with parents or guardians.

Airline Information and Check-In

Please watch for emails and sign up for day of flight notifications with your respective airlines. Setup the app for your airline prior to departure and print out your information as a backup.

If you are going on a cruise, to Disney, Universal Studios, or anywhere that has their own app, make sure you have the app on your phone and that it is working before you depart.

American Airlines

Check In | Baggage | Mobile App | Flight Status

British Airways

Check In | Baggage | App (Apple) (Android) | Flight Status

Delta Airlines

Check In | Baggage | Mobile App | Flight Status

Frontier Airlines

Check-in | Baggage | Apps (Apple) (Android) | Flight Status

ITA Airlines

Check-in | Baggage | Apps (Apple) (Android) | Flight Status


Check-in | Baggage | Mobile App | Flight Status

Boarding the Plane FAQ | Southwest Airlines

Southwest’s boarding process: How to get the best seats – The Points Guy


Check-in | Baggage | Mobile App | Flight Status

S. Croce Beach and Da Teresa Restaurant

S. Croce Beach – Amalfi

Da Teresa restaurant is a great place for lunch while enjoying a relaxing day on the beach at Santa Croce. You arrive by a free shuttle boat from the pier in Amalfi. This is where many Amalfi locals enjoy a bella day on the beach. Check out this video and their reviews on Trip Advisor and a travel blog.

The restaurant is open from 12:00.
The beach service and the bar await you from 09:00 in the morning.

Santa Croce Beach, 1 – 84011 Amalfi (SA)

Mobile 3351596166