Here We Come! | Italy | Florence

Viator Food and Wine Tours Around Florence

Two Week-Delta Vacation $10,156

This sample two-week trip to Florence, Italy can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

  • Main cabin round trip Delta Airlines, Cincinnati to Florence
  • Private car round trip transportation from airport to hotel.
  • Rivoli Boutique Hotel in Florence, double occupancy, with balcony and breakfast
    • City tax paid at hotel.
  • Delta Travel Protection Plus Policy

Rivoli Hotel | Double Balcony Room

Come in and you will be pleasantly surprised by the peaceful atmosphere of the Franciscan cloister, dating back to the 14th century, around which the rooms are facing. Every room is different and corresponds to a specific type of guest and journey. Here we celebrate people and relationships. Our goal is to give each guest their own individualized sojourn. Let yourself be surprised by this ancient oasis in the center of Florence. A Boutique Hotel, where you will feel as at home as you are pampered by our 4-star services.

Open the French doors wide; contemplate the internal courtyard. The fourteenth-century cloister will be revealed in all its splendor, the secret garden colors the view with flowers and lush greenery, while the night sky is decorated with stars. The Balcony Room is a romantic and sensual choice, dedicated to lovers of poetry and passionate seekers of beauty everywhere.

The splendid, light filled, spacious room develops outwardly with a balcony or terrace, creating a joyous intersection of interior and exterior volumes. This is the perfect place to linger in the evening enjoying an aperitif or before retiring, or simply looking out and reveling in the bewitching view.

Balcony rooms, which are fully soundproofed to ensure a restful and truly enjoyable sleep, have double or twin beds.
You will embrace this oasis of peace from above while enjoying an intimate perspective.
Simply, you just happen to be in one of the most exclusive locations in Florence.