Rome Activities


Standard Tours

A standard Roman Colosseum tour or general access Roman Colosseum ticket will allow you to enter the first and second levels, from where you can see all of the ancient structure. Areas not included on standard Colosseum tours include the Colosseum underground, the arena floor, and the third tier.

Arena Floor

The arena floor is a small, reconstructed area that juts out over the underground offering you a gladiator’s view of the Roman Colosseum.

Third Tier

The third tier gets you up higher, to the area to which women were once confined for beautiful views over the amphitheater and the ruins beyond.

Colosseum Underground

These tours take in both reconstructions and the original ruins of the underground level where gladiators and animals were once kept before they were hoisted onto the arena floor.

Get Your Guide Exclusive Colosseum Underground and Roman Forum Tour $613/four

Experience the hidden depths of Rome’s Colosseum on our exclusive semi-private tour, limited to 6 guests. Explore the Colosseum’s subterranean levels, arena, and Roman Forum in 3 hours.

Begin your journey at the Colosseum, where you’ll explore the impressive arena and delve into its fascinating underground chambers. Continue to the Roman Forum, immersing yourself in the heart of ancient Rome’s political and social life.

This tour offers a rare opportunity to experience the Colosseum’s subterranean levels, with tickets that are notoriously difficult to obtain,

Viator VIP Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome Small Group Tour $530/four

Capped at only 12 people, this small-group tour of Rome’s Colosseum includes exclusive access to the arena floor and underground dungeons, off-limits to regular visitors.

Guided stops at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill for a full overview of day-to-day life in ancient Rome. Skip-the-line admission at all three sites is included.

Get Your Guide Colosseum Tour with Access to the Gladiator Arena (no Underground)

Join a guided walking tour and get exclusive access to the Colosseum arena to discover the wonders of the ancient Roman games. Enjoy the Colosseum’s ground floor level and the second tier as well.

Visit one of Rome’s most iconic attractions on a guided tour of the Colosseum. Learn about the rich history of this place, hear tales about the games that took place here, and enter through the gladiator gate to access the arena floor. Walk through the back door of the Colosseum and pass straight onto the arena floor through the gate named after Libitina, the goddess of funerals. Tread where dead gladiators and animals were once carried away. Feel the majesty of ancient Rome beneath your feed as you stroll over the steps of those who fought in gladiatorial combat. Enjoy astonishing 360-degree views of the Colosseum. Look up at ruins that were once filled with thousands of spectators. Snap excellent pictures, as a limited number of visitors can be there for a given amount of time. Explore the general access area which includes the ground floor, the second tier, and a balcony with astonishing views over the Roman Forum and Arch of Constantine. Step onto the podium reserved for the most important Romans over the main entrance to the Arena and feel the thrill of the amphitheater. Let your guide paint you a picture of the past with engaging stories and legends. This is a Colosseum guided tour with special access to the Gladiator’s Arena Floor. After you finish the guided tour, you can take your time for another 30 minutes into the Colosseum and after wards you will be escorted to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill which will be self-guided (no guided tour).

Viator Colosseum Private Tour with Roman Forum & Palatine Hill ($797/four)
(no Underground)

Avoid the set itinerary and boring commentary of a group tour and instead explore Rome’s top three ancient sites with a private guide who can make their history come to life. Learn about how gladiators lived and died in the Colosseum, admire the magnificent temple ruins in the Forum, see where Rome was founded on Palatine Hill, and enjoy the personal attention of a dedicated guide.