Here We Come! | Asia| March 9, 2024 | MH

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Day 1 Arrive in Los Angeles

03/09/24 Sat.

Arrive in Los Angeles

Days 4-6 in Singapore

03/12/24 Tue. – 03/14/24 Thu.

Days 7-9 in Seoul

03/14/24 Thu. – 03/17/24 Sun.

Days 10-14 in Tokyo

03/18/24 Mon. – 03/22/24 Fri.

Disney Sea

Fixed-date tickets for up to two months ahead can be purchased. Your countdown clock is running for the first day you can buy tickets.

For Guests visiting Tokyo DisneySea for the first time, click here for some itineraries and information to help you enjoy your day at the Park.

Day 15 Arrive in Cincinnati

03/23/24 Sat.

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