Wood Fired Pizza In Your Backyard

Chef Chierchia, pizzaiolo

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I like pizza of all kinds. I can even enjoy frozen pizza (most of the time). But I really like Pizza Vera Napoletana. And I have eaten pizza at the famous pizzeria “Da Michele” on Via C. Sersale , in Naples. So when we want the best pizza in town, I make it myself using Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour and San Marzano tomatoes, imported from Naples. The photographs below were taken in 2006 when I dragged my family through the alleys of Naples to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. My wife was skeptical, and the location is “sketchy” and off the tourist track, but after eating the pizza she was hooking. That is evident since she hasn’t complained about the $600 pizza over sitting on our deck!