Planning and Payments

Why use a travel advisor when you can book online or call a supplier directly? For most trips, there is no cost to you for the personal services of an advisor. Your advisor is compensated by the supplier for acting as their “outside” agent, and the pricing is no more than you would pay when self-booking. Your personal travel advisor is your advocate and will deal with issues that may arise, saving valuable time and avoiding aggravation.

Complete My Planning Questionnaire

We all know that time is money. So, please complete my Planning Questionnaire so that I can be prepared with some focused information for your initial, no-cost consultation.

Click here to get started. You will be prompted to add the app to your home screen. It will install a short cut on your device, but you can “x” if you want to complete the info without doing so.

Ready to Book an Unforgettable Trip?

After your initial no-cost consultation, and you are ready to begin booking your trip, I will need travel documents and payment information to begin the process.

Your payment information will be used to book your trip, and the items that you select. I may book refundable items and send them to you to be confirmed. If you don’t like the selection, they can be cancelled. Some items in your itinerary may be non-refundable. These won’t be booked without your prior authorization. Click here to securely submit your credit card information when you are ready to book.

Click here to submit your passports (required for international trips) or travel identification documents. Note, some cruises may not require a passport, please contact me for further information. The form is also used to submit travel documents which are needed to generate quotes.

Terms and Conditions