Trenitalia – Travel Italy by Rail

The Frecce train network connects you to most major Italian cities by comfortable, convenient, high-speed trains. Most of my client destinations are best served by Frecciarossa trains.

The Frecciarossa trains connect Turin-Milan-Reggio Emilia AV՞Bologna-Florence-Rome-Naples-Salerno and Venice-Padua-Bologna-Florence-Rome-Naples-Salerno on the high-speed line. These trains can reach a speed of up to 300 km/h (386 mph). The Frecciarossa 1000 is the fastest one and can reach a maximum speed of 400 km/h or 248 mph!

ClassExecutive BusinessPremiumStandard
Seats per car10526768
Types of seatsSingleSingle & DoubleDoubleDouble
Distance between seats59 in.41.7 in.41.7 in.41.7 in.
Seat width29 in.27 in.21.8 in.21.8 in.
Larger & Reclining Leather Seat🚫
Includes Snack & Soft Drink🚫
Open Bar, Gourmet Meal🚫🚫🚫
Seat Class Choices

Sample Fares Below for Florence to Salerno Direct on a 9519 Frecciarossa

Four Adults Departing S.M. Novella at 10:14 am – Arriving Salerno at 2:06 pm

Super Economy: Non-refundable, non-exchangeable 

Economy: Non-refundable.  Exchangeable once up to train departure for a same train category and service. Passenger must pay the difference in price for Base fare. 

Base: 80% refundable up to train departure. Thereafter, non-refundable. Tickets less than/equal to 10 EUR are non-refundable. Unlimited exchanges allowed up to train departure. One exchange allowed at the station up to 1 hour after train departure with additional fee. Passenger must pay the difference in price for next available fare in same or higher class of service.

Premier Executive Class (YouTube)

Base (flexible) $996.52

Premier Business (YouTube)

Super Economy (non-flex) $265.32

Economy (semi-flex) $358.32

Base (flexible) $504.92

Premier Class Salottino Business (YouTube)

Super Economy (non-flex) $393.76

Base (flexible) $549.20

4-seat compartment, Frecciarossa ETR 500 only

Comfort 2nd Class (YouTube)

Super Economy (non-flex) $221.04

Economy (semi-flex) $296.32

Base (flexible) $416.36

Standard Class

Super Economy (non-flex) $198.88

Economy (semi-flex) $256.44

Base (flexible) $341.04

How Do I Travel by Train? Where Can I Put My Bags?

Here are some travel times between major cities.

ROUTEBest Travel Time
Rome <>Venice3h59m

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